I recall one of the first sessions I had, when many things were cleared and I noticed after I left, that I felt that I was different somehow. I had to stop at the grocery store, to pick up some things for home. It was about 5pm and I was getting hungry. I usually have great temptations when hungry to buy chocolate. This time I looked at them, but was not interested at all! I was shocked, as this was not normal for me. I realized that this feeling was not mine but someone in my ancestry! How exciting to clear these things not only for me, but for all in my line.              K.B. ~ Bus Driver


QuoteLftKristine helped me through a hard time when I first started practicing chiropractor. I had a patient cross the line between patient and doctor and I was put in a very uncomfortable situation. Kristine helped me overcome my trauma. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been able to get sleep or grow from this situation. She helped me gain strength from this                                           and I am forever grateful for her!                                      M.M. ~ Chiropractor


QuoteLftSeveral weeks ago, I went through a very tragic and trying event due to the Emergency Services work which I am involved in. I asked Kristine to help me with some issues and post traumatic stress I was experiencing. She spent quality time with me, letting me verbally work through some of the issues and then we worked on the energy healing portion. Immediately, I could feel the stress evaporating away. It was a definite turning point in the healing process.  Kristine has taught me invaluable skills to add to my own power to heal. I have had her work with my daughters and seen definite results in the way they feel about things. I believe she has a gift for healing and would not hesitate to send others to her.                                                           A.R. ~ First Responder


QuoteLftThe atmosphere Kristine created in her space was not only inviting, it was truly balanced with a deep feeling of non-judgement. It made it perfect for opening up and allowing for anything that needed to be cleared to finds its way forward for resolution. There was a moment during the generational clearing when I burst into tears of incredible sorrow. It took us both by surprise. Being a genuinely happy person, the feelings of loss and grief were very unfamiliar to me. The feeling of peace that followed is almost beyond words. Light after incredible darkness when you just feel free and lifted and relieved. This residual energy can be freeing to others in my family line really inspired me. I love my family and healing. Doing some ‘work’ that benefits more than myself is very gratifying to me. I feel blessed that I was able to experience such a wonderful process with a trusted practitioner like Kristine.       D.L. ~ Developmental Disabilities Program Manager

QuoteLftKristine is an absolute Angel, who helped me overcome some very hard challenges.  I was very impressed with her refined skills, and techniques. As well as her masterful skills, I truly felt she cared about me, she connected to me on my level and lifted me up both emotionally and spiritually. I have been able to handle life with a better attitude and I continue to work with the skills she gave me for home use.                                                               K.A. ~  Distribution Manager


QuoteLftKristine brought a feeling calmness to each session. I have felt a greater sense of peace inside and in my life. My thinking is clearer and the pressure and weight of life has been lifted from my shoulders. I have also noticed that my whole well-being is just happier. She is such a delightful, wonderful person and I am so thankful for all she has done. I have had counseling before and Kristine helped me see and understand things that counseling was not able to do.        C.W. ~ Homemaker

QuoteLftKristine has been a great help to me in healing from many different problems.  I was emotionally stuck for many years and just couldn’t stand the pain.  I am still in awe of the changes that have taken place in my life.  I am a different person.  The trauma was released and I am finding myself.  Being simply healed was freeing and fun.  I loved the fact that I could be healed without being re-wounded.  Kristine is a professional and also very intuitive. My generational issues are healed. I don’t quite understand all of this but when the issues came up I recognized what she was talking about from family history stories I have heard over the years.                  K.C. ~ Montessori Teacher


QuoteLftKristine has a calm sense of confidence that is very reassuring and relaxing.  She always maintains a high standard of professionalism and given both me and my issues her full attention.  She listens with compassion, relates on my level, and maintains client confidentiality.  The fear and trepidation that was hindering my progress left immediately and has not returned—the difference is significant and extremely relieving.  I appreciate Kristine’s ability to move backwards through the family tree and locate the source of the issue.  As one coming from a dysfunctional family, it has been empowering to be able to break the patterns that have been set for sometimes six or seven generations.  I also appreciate Kristine’s ability to change directions during the session, if needed, to pursue and deal with an unexpected issue.  I have recommended her to other people and will continue to call upon her.        K.S. ~ Seminary Teacher