Summer Herb Waters

I have previously posted about Herb Waters, but I can’t get enough!

Many of us have a hard time drinking enough water.  Especially plain water, even if it’s filtered.  I get that.  It’s so nice to drink something with flavor.  So instead of buying flavored waters make your own.

General  Directions:
Pick fresh herbs or herb roots.  Rinse and shake out excess water.  Bruise the herbs by twisting or slice.  Place herbs into jar.  Add optional sliced fruit or vegetables.  Fill jar with water and some ice.  Refill jar with water as needed for that day.  At the end of the day, drain excess water and place spent herbal mixture into compost or chicken bucket.

My current favorite is Spearmint Rosemary.  I feel enlivened and mentally more alert from drinking this blend.

Experiment by adding fruits, cucumbers and herbs into your waters.

The key is keeping your amazing body hydrated while enjoying the beverages you drink.

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