Loss and Love

12646670_10154042430756103_3273825077713966499_oThis past week and half have been full of loss and love.
My dear sister, we are chosen sisters from different mothers, you know the ones you knew in heaven, husband died March 14th.  I was there right away to comfort and help for the next few days.  This was a  blessed opportunity for me to serve.  I love her and her sweet children.  Our children have been raised closer than cousins.
Then on Friday, the 18th I was catching up on laundry, learning to ride a quad and normal household things when I got a call from my brother’s Dr. explaining he was having complication from gall bladder surgery the night before.  My brother has had many serious health issues for most of his life.
 A couple of hours later another Dr. called to ask me to give my permission to refuse life support.  My brother was failing fast and they wanted to innabate, but he was refusing. I had medical power of attorney and Danny was too medicated to make that decision.
This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  I was able to talk with him on the phone, sharing my love and telling him what is would be like.  I died in 2001, but that’s story is for another time.
Danny passed a couple of hours later.  He held on long enough for my mother to get there from the airport.
This past week and half were filled with arrangement, funeral, travel, a wake, memorial service and more travel.
It has been wonderful that all seven of my children came to California to be with Scott and I.  We had not all been together for six years.  It was wonderful to see family and friends.
My brother was one of my dearest friends!  He never married.  He was a character.  Always joking and he had a heart as big as he is.  I will greatly miss him until we meet again.
I am now taking care of my brother’s estate as his executor.  And am going to take some time in the next week or so to be gentle with myself and grieve.  So Tune-In Tuesdays may not be on schedule and I hope you will have patience with me.
~There is no grief without love.


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. May God grant you the comfort, room to grieve and support you need during this time. My grandmother (who was always very healthy) had a major complication in a gall bladder surgery. She bleed out internally and was kept on life support for a few days, long enough for everyone to say goodbye. It was a hard decision to make, but no life support had been in her living will and everyone could tell she was frustrated that they put her on it. I am so glad you were able to speak with him. I am praying that God gives you the strength and wisdom to navigate all the decisions that follow death. God bless!

  2. Thank you Nathana, to all of you who sent me emails and keep my family in your prayers. All the thoughts, kindness and God’s goodness has sustained us.

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