Herbal Teas ~ My Favorites

I LOVE herb tea and drink it daily! In our kitchen we have a cupboard that is the "Tea Cupboard".  It contains: mugs, tea pots, herbal tea blends, hot cocoa, candied ginger, liquid stevia and a variety of small strainers.

Herb teas not only taste great, they are filled with readily available nutrients.  The aroma of the tea, like essential oils, lifts the spirits.  The physical action of making tea, calms and helps me to have a "pause" in my life.  Making tea is a form of self care that can reduce your stress.

Here are a few of my favorites:

From - Mountain Rose Herbs

Evening Repose  This is my "go-to" when we've got a bug.

Flash Tea For those hot flashes

Mint Chocolate Mate  My favorite with a little stevia and milk. Yummy!

Firefly Chai  I love Chai, especially with stevia and milk or for a treat cream.






Around Christmas I went on a tea buying spree at Fred Meyers.  I love all of these.

Traditional Medicinal Tea are now in grocery stores.  They are formulated by Rosemary Gladstar.  They are perfect for getting over colds, flu and other things.  My daughter loves Throat Coat.

You can make your own tea blends.  They are easy and to do.  Tea Blending is art, not science.  Blending the herbs together is a healing experience in itself.

These are some of my blends:

 Sleep Ease
3 parts Chamomile
2 parts Peppermint
1 part Lavender Flowers
1 part Oats
~ Ready for to relax before bed?  Try this blend. ~
Chocolate Mint Rooibos
3 parts Rooibos
2 parts Peppermint
2 parts Chocolate Chips
~ A great "after-dinner" tea. YUM! ~
2 parts Spearmint
1 part Lavender Flowers
~ This tea is great for relaxation and stress reduction. ~
Rooibos Red
4 part Rooibos
1 part Red Roses
1 part Hibiscus
1 part Rose Hips
This has a "zingy, fruity flavor that is rich in antioxidants.
Lemon Time
2 part Lemon Verbena
1 part Chamomile
1 part Alfalfa
1/2 part Calendula Flower
1/4 part Lemon Peel
 Relaxing and refreshing.  Delicious iced too.
Digest Aid
2 parts Catnip
2 parts Fennel Seed
1 part Peppermint
1 part Ginger Root
This simple blend may aid digestion and help with flatulence.

All of these teas not only look great, but are easy to blend.

~ To make a pot of tea.  Boil water.  Place 1 teaspoon of dried herbal tea blend per cup of water, into strainer.  Cover with lid and let steep for 10 to 15 minutes.  (No longer or your tea can go bitter, because to longer it steeps the more tannic acids are released into the water) Remover strainer or strain tea.  Pour into mug.  Sweeten, if desired with stevia or honey.  Enjoy!!!
Some of you may be growing your own herbs or you may wonder where the best places are to purchase herbs from.  I love growing my own herbs in the garden, then drying them for teas and other preparations.  I still buy some herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They only sell organic herbs, have a quick delivery and great customer service.
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