My mission is to help YOU utilize
Menopause as a chance to consider
New Possibilities Today
and for the 2nd half of your life.


My personal mantra, “God walks before me, opens doors and prepares a way”.

I love my life, and strive for laughter and having fun every day, even though life still throws me curve balls.

During my first pregnancy I implemented natural care for myself and my baby, but she was breech and after 29 hours of labor, I had a c-section. I was planning on a natural delivery but as we all know sometimes life has another plan for us. I raised my children as I was learning more about herbs, health living and healing.

 When my children were young I apprenticed as a midwife but decided to become a doula because of my family responsibilities.  

I took my first Emotional Healing course in 1993 and was drawn to learn Energy Healing.  That took me on a journey to becoming a Master Rapid Eye Technologist, SimplyHealed®Practitioner and Wellness and Life Skills Coach.

In 2013 I had an unwelcome hysterectomy, due to monthly hemorrhaging that had endangered my health.  This was a great disappointment to me.  

Through Energy Healing I have been able to release these female disappointments, overcome abuses, relieve stress and restore my personal fulfillment.  

These methods, modalities and resources that I have learned and continue to learn form the basis of teaching classes and working with clients.

Join me on your journey to Joyful Empowerment by utilizing Menopause as a
chance to consider New Possibilities Today and for the 2nd half of Your Life.

Manage stress so it doesn’t take over your life

Revive Happiness, Joy & Peace

Sense of well-being and balance your mood

Clear the brain fog and live healthy

Increase Motivation, Productivity & Creativity

Feel Positive about Yourself and Your Relationships